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Popcorn Words

Please read these weekly Popcorn Words with your K-Kid each night!

*I *it *run *help *away
*a *in *jump *down
*is *we *one
*am *big *two
*to *for *make
*the *this *get
*go *red *play
*me *like *find
*see *my *funny
*and *come *look
*can *up *blue
*you *not *yellow
Monday, April 17, 2017

Me on the Map!

This week we followed Flat Stanley to see his adventures in Brazil, New York, Maine, Indiana and more! We had several more Flat Stanleys return that we will get to open this week as well! Flat Stanley is becoming quite the world traveler and we have loved learning about all of these new places. In our adventures, we are also doing a little exploring of the landscape, customs, and people who live in these areas, and it has been fascinating!
A big thank you to all of the parents and family members who took the time to come in to talk to the K kids about their families grew up, and different cultures. We started a new keepsake journal called "Where in the World Are the K Kids From?" Each time a family comes in to talk to us, we have filled out a page to record the city or country, distance from Illinois, and our favorite interesting fact that we learned.
Leo's dad came in to talk about French culture with Leo's mom and grandma. We learned about some French landmarks, got to sample delicious chocolate croissants, played a French card game, and Leo even gave each of us a Tour de France model bike! The class's overwhelming favorite fun fact was that French cuisine includes frogs and snails!
Zoha's dad came in to talk about India. We saw pictures of the Taj Mahal, looked at beautifully colored saris, and tasted samosas! Of course, the thing that stuck with the kids the most was that there are cows that wander on the streets and walk alongside people in India!
David's dad, mom, and sister joined us to teach us about South Korea. We saw photos of all of the countries that David has traveled to, discovered that Illinois is 2x the size of the whole country of South Korea, watched a video about Seoul, and the kids recognized many famous brands that come from Korea! They also asked many questions about taekwondo, and were extremely impressed to learn that David's dad is a black belt!
James' mom came in to talk to us about the place where James was born- Michigan. We used Google Maps to look at James' first home, and then talked about the car industry, which the kids were fascinated with. We watched some videos about how the car companies test for safety features, saw how car assembly lines work, colored pictures of a Corvette that James brought in for us, and sampled some of Michigan's famous fudge in ice cream form!
At the end of the week, William's grandma came in to talk to us about what it's like to grow up on a farm. William's parents and grandma helped each kid plant their own tomato sprout in a pot! How are your sprouts faring at home? As a special treat, William gave everyone a "dirt cup" (chocolate pudding) to eat as well.
It was exciting to learn about so many of our friends' cultures, and we look forward to welcoming more visitors this week and next week!!

One topic that continues to confuse many of our K Kids is the aspect that we all live in a neighborhood, in a city, in a state, in a country, on a continent, on Planet Earth. This is a complex topic, which we will continue to explore as a class in the next two weeks. This week we made Me on The Map projects, to pinpoint exactly where we belong on Earth. We added our Flat selves to the project, and they look adorable!


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