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Popcorn Words

Please read these weekly Popcorn Words with your K-Kid each night!

*I *it *run *help *away
*a *in *jump *down
*is *we *one
*am *big *two
*to *for *make
*the *this *get
*go *red *play
*me *like *find
*see *my *funny
*and *come *look
*can *up *blue
*you *not *yellow
Sunday, December 11, 2016

Mechanics Hard at Work!

We are well into our Transportation unit and the kids have become true mechanics, working tirelessly to create some amazing box cars! After reading the book If I Built a Car by Chris Van Dusen, the K-Kids had some major creative juices flowing as they began the design process. We started by discussing the special features we each wanted to add to our cars and then drawing our blueprints depicting each of these features for both the inside and outside of our car. Next, we began building our cars and inspiration continued to strike as we added a variety of features. By the end of the week, many of us are getting close to finishing most features on our cars and we cannot wait to share these at the auto show on Wednesday afternoon! 

We also finished up our literacy and math workstations this week, and the K-Kids continue to enjoy the challenge of addition and subtraction. We have started learning about nouns and how to name various nouns. We have also continued our exploration of h-brothers in 'th,' 'sh,' 'wh,' and 'ch.' We continue to identify words that start with these sounds and are beginning to notice some of these sounds in the middle of words as well. 

This week on the blog you will notice all of the pictures dating back to Grandparent's Day. I hope you enjoy looking through all of them! 
Sunday, December 4, 2016

Things that Go!

We are moving and grooving just like the trains, cars, boats, and hot air balloons we have been discussing this week. The K-Kids are enjoying our transportation unit and come in each day ready to discuss what vehicles they see on the way to school. I am so inspired by the way this group of kids takes our classroom content and pushes me to further explore different arenas I had never even thought about! This week we will have to have a discussion on monster trucks and airplanes due to some classroom curiosity. This is truly one of my favorite aspects of teaching!

Language Arts:
Our Transportation literacy work stations are on the move. As the year progresses, our work stations are running incredibly well and the kids are working to become independent, even as the skills become more and more difficult. We are not only working on the language arts skills attached to each station, but also the independence skills necessary for success in first grade. This week we have taken all of our phonemic awareness skills to a new level. There have been writing components added to many stations, and we continue to focus on a variety of phonemic skills to help us become strong readers/writers. Each of these stations is differentiated for the group completing the activity that day so while the activity may look the same, the materials/words/difficulty level is different. 

We also started our math transportation work stations this past week. Similar to our literacy work stations, the K-Kids have made a great deal of progress since the beginning of the year in both their independence level and their overall math abilities. Most of us are now consistently skip counting by 10's and working on our 5's, which helps greatly while solving math problems and understanding place value. Skip counting is always a great skill to practice at home (or in the car)! We are also working on addition and subtraction skills. Both of these operations have a number of strategies I have encouraged the K-Kids to use while completing the operation. For example, our addition strategies are: *Use Fingers *Draw a Picture *Use a Number Line *Use Manipulatives *Count On  If you are practicing addition/subtraction at home and you find that your K-Kid needs some help, encourage him/her to use one of these strategies. 

This past week we finished up our third Writer's Workshop 'How To' unit. This upcoming week we will begin our next unit of writing, which focuses on 'Writing for a Reason.' In this unit we will work on writing to teach our reader something, writing to persuade our reader about something, and writing to give information.

Social Studies: 
This week we also began the planning process for our box cars. Starting with the outside models of our cars the K-Kids worked to draw and label all of the features they wanted to add once we start building this upcoming week. I can't wait to see what the kiddos come up with!