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Popcorn Words

Please read these weekly Popcorn Words with your K-Kid each night!

*I *it *run *help *away
*a *in *jump *down
*is *we *one
*am *big *two
*to *for *make
*the *this *get
*go *red *play
*me *like *find
*see *my *funny
*and *come *look
*can *up *blue
*you *not *yellow
Sunday, September 18, 2016

My Monster Teacher Loves Me So

We had a fabulous week finishing up our monster unit. We have now mastered the routine of both literacy and math work stations, and get right to work when it's time for these each day. We introduced both our listening station and our writing station, which led to some super collaboration amongst the kids.

We love working with our partners on the various activities, and have been using all of our problem solving skills to work through any conflicts that may arise. This past week, I began calling over formal guided reading groups and guided math groups. All of you should have seen a book come home, as we have a full class of readers! Each week, I will meet with every math and guided reading group 2-3 times to do some more individualized instruction at each student's appropriate level. I can't wait to watch these K-Kids soar!

We have begun three various journals as well. In our math journals, we focus on a different story problem each day to get the K-Kids comfortable with comprehending and solving various math skills. In our poetry journals, we look at a poem each week and focus on various reading and phonics skills. Finally, in our language journals we complete our readers' workshop activities. Using a book to study each week there are a variety of comprehension strategies that we will discuss each day. 

In Writer's Workshop, we have continued working on stretching out our sounds and we are loving building our writing stamina. Did you know that writer's need to build their writing muscles?! We also read a funny story called The Best Story Ever by Eileen Spinelli, to help us focus on discovering a writing topic. The K-Kids have been very proud of themselves as they are adding writing to their stories each day. 

Next week, we will start our Fall Harvest unit, where we will be looking at the various fruits and vegetables that are harvested in the Fall. We will be studying both their life cycles and the patterns we notice as we compare/contrast them.


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